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#13 ~ Broke Friday Meals – Vegetable Fried Rice

Courtesy of new blogger Victoria Taiwo from Twenty/20

Vegetable Fried Rice

1kg bag of sainsburys basic long grain rice = 45p
Use the leftovers of the mushrooms (£1) and 1 sweet pepper (pack of 6 = 80p – £1) bought for the previous noodle recipes
1L Sunflower oil = £1.50
1kg Sainsbury’s onions 80p
Sainsbury’s Dark Soy Sauce = 95p
Total cost: £5.70
but you’ll have plenty of left over ingredients to use for multiple other broke meal recipes! If you live near a Lidl or Aldi then this should, hopefully, cost a little less.
1. Wash 30-40g of dried rice until water is clear. Level off the rice in the pot and then add enough water till it covers the rice by about 1inch. Cook on high heat until the water boils, then turn down to simmer until all water is absorbed. Rice is now cooked, remove from heat.
2. Put 1 tbsp of sunflower oil into a pan (preferably a wok or deep frying pan. If you don’t have these than an ordinary non-stick pan will do. If you’re too broke to have a non-stick pan then a normal stainless steel pan is fine, just keep an eye on the heat. If you don’t have a normal stainless steel pan, why are you cooking? Get out the kitchen and go find a friend to lend you one. If you can’t do this then may the Lord help and provide for you.) Heat pan until oil is hot.
3. Chop up half an onion and add to the hot oil. Sprinkle in some salt.
4. When the onions have turned golden, add 2 handfuls of chopped mushrooms and one chopped sweet pepper.
5. Fry these together for a few minutes until the mushrooms have turned a darker colour and sweet peppers have softened then add the rice one handful at a time. Stir in each handful before adding in the next.
6. Pour in soy sauce to taste and keep stirring for a further few minutes until the rice has absorbed all flavour.
Serve immediately and enjoy.
Now, for those of you that may have a small stockpile of seasoning please add in some All Purpose seasoning and hot pepper powder (if spice is your thing) to the vegetables before you add in the rice. If you have Chinese Five Spice then that works perfectly as well.
1. Add tinned fish, bacon or pre-cooked chicken to the frying vegetables
2. Fry an egg in a separate pan (making sure the yolk is still a little runny) and serve on top of the fried rice
3. Crack an egg on top of the rice when frying and mix together to make vegetable egg-fried rice.
4. Add thinly sliced ginger, 1 clove of garlic (chopped) to frying onions.
Seriously balling upgrades:
1. If you have raw chicken, little season with All Purpose Seasoning and add to the frying onions. Allow the chicken to fully cook before adding in the remaining ingredients.
2. Add dried, or fresh, coriander and some cinnamon to the frying vegetables. (Don’t add cinnamon if you’ve already used the Chines 5 Spice)
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#12 ~ Broke Friday Meals – Noodles

So it’s Monday, I know, but it doesn’t mean this recipe can’t keep still be of use. As mentioned in my previous post, I survived for almost 2 months on various presentations of the same dish – instant noodles. Below I will chart 3 of the best and easiest ways to make noodles still appear edible after the umpteenth time of consumption. But first, a shopping list.

Considering Broke Friday Meals are for just that – Broke People at the end of a working week, all the ingredients i’ll be listing should be within any good supermarkets basic range. Of course if you have more money to spend you might just do that and be more ethical in your shopping, but if you’re scraping pennies, these menus should help you to at least subsist.

Core Ingredients:

  • 1 packet of Instant Noodles (I prefer Koka which should cost about 20p per packet, but you can get basics for 11p).
  • Some remnants of an onion or a leek – you don’t need much

Extra Ingredients

  • 1 egg ( you can get a pack of 6 for under £2 which means 1 egg should  = 30p or so)
  • Tin of mackerel/sardines/tuna – again should be around the 99p mark and it’s good protein
  • mushrooms and sweet peppers (these could be half dead leftovers, or fresh basics, which puts it at around the £2 mark – a pack of mushrooms is around £1 and a pack of 6 sweet peppers is around 80p-£1).


Basic should be no more than 50p in total. If you want added ingredients you’re looking at a split cost (you won’t use e.g. every pepper in the packet) of around £1.50

Miso Noodles Method (Noodle Soup):

  • Place noodles in a bowl with the sachet of seasoning (if no sachet, improvise with All Purpose Seasoning, Salt, Black Pepper and/or Curry Powder)
  • Boil some water in a kettle
  • Pour water over noodles until it is just covering (if you want it extra soupy add more water, but be aware the flavour will be reduced).
  • Place a lid over bowl, wait till noodles are soft.
  • Eat
  • Time: 5mins max
  • If no kettle, do the same thing in a pot and leave on stove for appx 5mins also

Microwave-Fry Noodles:

  • Place noodles in bowl with seasoning and water just covering
  • Place bowl in Microwave for 6mins
  • Water should be absorbed leaving hot, well seasoned noodles
  • Eat
  • Time: 6mins max
  • If no microwave, do the same thing in a pot, just use a little less water so it absorbs faster without becoming mush

Broke Bibimbap Method (stolen from the exquisite Korean dish, Bibimbap):

  • Fry onion/leek leftovers with a little bit of oil (if no oil use water until onions/leeks are soft).
  • Add peppers, mushrooms and seasoning
  • Boil noodles in a separate pot/microwave/kettle and bowl
  • When noodles are soft add to frying pan (try not to add the water with it)
  • Sprinkle seasoning over the concoction
  • Add fish/meat supplements if you so wish/have
  • Once cooked through (noodles should start sticking to the bottom of the pan), crack egg over the stir fry. Leave to fry a little (depending on how much you fear salmonella), then transfer to plate/bowl
  • Eat
  • Should take 10-15mins max

Now that you know the basics, there’s a wide variety of meals you can make depending on what’s at your disposal. You can also add vegetables to the Miso Soup or Microwave-Fry extra, or boil an egg separately and add to either of the dishes – you get the idea, go experiment. You can also find your perfect softness point for noodles, whether it’s closer to al-dente or more like pulp.

Don’t ever presume this is the authentic way to either cook or eat noodles of any kind. Once you have money treat yourself to some authentic Korean, Chinese, Japanese or Singaporean food and savour the quality of their cuisine whilst apologising for butchering it in your poverty. But while your poverty remains, this is a cheaper (and to all accounts far healthier and faster) form of consumption than the £5 McD meal, even with the extra burger from student discount, or the sandwiches, or baguettes or w/e else you might wish to buy. It is also surprisingly filling either with the Miso Soup form (hot water fills you up quickly) or in the stir fry form as noodles swell.

Got a better way of making Instant Noodles tasty, put it in the comments section below.

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