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#319 ~ Psalm Series Introduction

Based on the longest Psalm in the Bible (Psalm 119), I’ve taken one or two verses of each stanza and written my own short poems on the themes picked out. These poems challenge the Psalm and engage with the frustration and pain that David felt as he tried to live a godly life yet was confronted with the temptations of the world. These are creative pieces, which hopefully will if not inspire, then cause you to read the verses differently, and actually engage with some of the emotion behind the Psalm 119.


How to read the Series: Written backwards, just read the next post and you will move from the beginning of my version of Psalm 119 to the end, so it’s basically in reverse order. Scroll Down and you’ll be fine.


#318 ~ Psalm Series. No.22

The Blessed. The Set Apart. Somehow they never seem to crave

They never seem to desire arms wrapped around waists

They never envy the talents that drip effortlessly from those who have  perfection

as an intrinsic part of their genetic information.

And yet, they try to tell you they’re human – just as you are too.

Yet when you look down at your hands, stained in jealousy

the lines of your stomach, rolling with slothly, inertia and flaccidity

when you see your mouth twisted in spite

You groan in pain, looking afar at the Blessed and wonder

why have I done this again? Why can I not be steadfast in my ways –

and therein lies the problem

It isn’t about you, me, we

But Him

the great I AM

and all his righteous ways.

Psalm 119 vs 5 – Oh that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees!

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#317 ~ Psalm Series. No. 21

How can a young man keep his way pure?

By living according to your word.

By not falling into the foul and filthy cess-pools of the world’s view of masculinity

By not being deceived that purity is found between sheets

drenched in sweat and brokeness

Rather that purity, wholesomeness and masculinity

are found in the identity of the perfect Father

the loving brother

The sacrificial Son

all described in one


Psalm 119 vs 9: How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.



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#315 ~ Psalm Series. No. 19

It sticks to every pore

it filters into every inhalation

it claws at every crevice

and lines every follicle that dares to sleep against the exfoliated skin of my arms and legs

the dust that coats me

as I lie, sunken before the sneering world, clawing onto your word.


Psalm 119 vs 25 – I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to your word. 

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#314 ~ Psalm Series. No. 18

You pray the prayer: Lord, I just want to live for you

Then quickly go and google the latest on Celebrity ENews!

You say: Lord I give my life to you

Then daydream about that guy or girl who smiled on the hallway and who you’ve already stalked on Facebook – 9times in one day

You tell yourself you’re going to fast for the Lord

And then gorge your self on all those fast foods

Unable to take your eyes away from the mediocrity of our world that exists only for



Psalm 119 vs 37 – Turn my eyes away from worthless things 

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#313 ~ Psalm Series No. 17

Because I’d found this fruit

knobbly and covered in spikes

thick-skinned, yet deep inside a creamy, moist texture –

they called it Verite.

Because I had stumbled across this fruit and had managed to eat, not just spoonfuls,

but mouthfuls, dripping from my lips, nourishing my spirit

I was able to stare them in the eye

and speak fearlessly before those who were lauded on high

the words of


Psalm 119 vs 43, 46 – Do not snatch the word of truth from my mouth, I will speak of your statues before Kings, I will not be put to shame

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#312 ~ Psalm Series No. 16

The themes of my songs

are rarely inline with your decrees

that’s probably why they’ve never come out of my mind.


Psalm 119 vs. 54 – Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge. 

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