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#363 ~ Life Lesson No. 43

As fragile as your dreams may be, as fearful as you are that they will never be seen, you have them, they are precious, now make them breathe.


#361 ~ Life Lesson No.42

Stilton cheese is strong. People need to know these things.


#354 ~ Life Lesson No. 41

Sometimes the intentions of our hearts are well placed, but the mode in which they are presented, and the attitude in which they are received leave out the actual grace.

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#347 ~ Life Lesson No. 40

Justice requires perseverance

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#337 ~ Life Lesson No. 39

Just because you have a 7 hour sleep cycle does not mean you will get up after 7 hours


#333 ~ Life Lesson No. 38

Do not get into the foetal position. Face your fears!

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#330 ~ Life Lesson No.37

Conspiracies are everywhere.