#15 ~ The End

It’s been just under four years since I began this blog, completed the 365 challenge, attempted to keep going, realised I’d run out of stamina and had taken on far too many projects along the way. But it’s been wonderful, especially knowing I could share 4 years of my life with over 100 dedicated followers and many nomads who passed through from time to time. However, from this day forth, ‘The Death of the Writer’ is now closed. It’s not, of course, the end of my writing. As you know I’m now the deputy Editor and contributor for MAGNIFY magazine – the UK’s first independent feminist, faith and fashion magazine – you should definitely check it our here.  I’ve also been exploring and expanding my poetry. In fact i’ll be performing at Latitude Festival this summer and hopefully at many more in the years and months to come. I’ve found small and meaningful success with poetry and poetry competitions and hopefully you’ll see me on some circuit or even buy my anthology (when I get round to writing it!). Theatre’s also been a great exploration, so who knows what the coming months will hold! I suppose, the main reason i’m closing the blog is partly the lack of discipline to keep going everyday (life gets pretty busy). But also the lack of freedom. I think, I’m also in a period of transition – i’m trying to work out what the next story will be….and that inevitably will be an incoherent process, at best, so I’d like the freedom to just scribble and write nonsense and let me thoughts crystallise organically, a bit like at the beginning of this adventure….ALSO in the meantime i’d really like to set up a WEBSITE so you can see all my stuff in one place – wouldn’t that be neat!

BUT in the meantime, if you want to keep following my spasmodic thoughts or are looking to get in contact PLEASE follow me on twitter (@JustinaKehinde) and do inbox me and I will endeavour to get back to you ASAP. Keep on the look out for whatever comes next and may you also continue to discover and hone your voice. All the best, continue to Shine Bright


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