#8 ~ Humour is like a piece of cake

My sister is a joker. At a very young age she learnt the art of laughing at herself and therefore with others. I have tried numerous times to master said skill. Sadly I tend to be the one people are laughing at, yet i regularly convince myself they are laughing with. When the penny drops (often after i’ve laughed myself into a coughing fit) my embarrassment turns to frustration turns to a sour face.

Today as we were cracking joke by phone, we (read I) casually embarked on some shared (read self imposed) Facebook stalking, upon which we (read I) stumbled (read searched thoroughly for) some (read specific) images of a friend I admired. Gushing to my sister about how great they were, her first response was

They have a monobrow

I was crushed.

But look at the cheekbones I implored.

I’m a superficial person – she laughed, as I desperately tried to do an eye transplant via the phone line so she would see what I was seeing.

But they’re so sweet – I continued. I wasn’t sure why I was putting so much effort into this attempt to let her see said individual from my perspective – the endeavour was embarrassing if not, on reflection, creepy at the least

Look, i’m sure they’re great, but i believe in the separation of their eyebrows, they deserve freedom, emancipation is their’s for the taking.

I could not control the laugh that screeched out of my voice box. See my sister has this deadpan sort of humour – when it’s transcribed it comes across as rude (which it is!), but she manages to express herself with a gentility that is sweet and harmless at the same time. And also, cruelly funny.

Talking to a friend earlier today about laughter, I’m always reminded how little I laugh when I’m not at home. It’s as though humour were a piece of cake, a small slice of deliciousness that one can’t eat whenever they want, partly because there isn’t occasion to consume regularly.

I want to delight in humour more this year. Humour at other people’s expense isn’t the greatest form, but there are so many different types, so many ways to laugh, to laugh with others, to laugh with oneself. To be filled with humour would be a delicious thing to achieve this year. With that in mind, one of the first stand ups that ever made me really laugh – the late Mitch Hedberg:

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