#9 ~For Colored Girls London: Selling Out

Selling out isn’t new to the FCGLondon team. When we popped up in Cambridge we were a late show, starting at 11pm. Yet our figures grew consistently from 50 on the first night to 196 on the last. We prepared for London with the mindset of desperately needing to sell out – partly for the financial gain but also because if we were going to put that much effort in, we needed  people to see us.

In under 24 hours we sold 100 tickets. Releasing some reserved tickets to feed the demand, we officially sold out at around 6pm today. That’s called holding nothing back.

So now that we’re faced with a full house, here’s to putting on a stella performance.

Watch this space for further rehearsal and production updates.

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One thought on “#9 ~For Colored Girls London: Selling Out

  1. Alan says:

    Well Done! Now you just have to knock their socks off with a wonderful production!

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