#6 ~ The Start of Rehearsals

for-colored-girls-06After an unforeseen pause, rehearsals (and this day by day blog) have finally started.  Over the past few weeks some exciting developments have occurred. The play has moved to Canada Water Culture Space which is linked with the prestigious Albany theatre. Moreover, writer, journalist and curator Hannah Pool has come on board to host the Q&A session. With incredible PR from Afridiziak Theatre News, the play is taking wings right before my eyes. Tickets have been launched, flyers are being finished, the rights are in and the music is almost sorted. Photographers have been contacted, schedules have been sent out, rehearsal space has been attained – anything else? Oh…now I get to start directing.

How do we begin? One of the hardest aspects of re-doing a play is helping your cast to create something new. Like wearing a comfortable jumper, our hands naturally dig into the worn pockets and holes, instead of seeking out new lumps and bumps that might prove more (un)comfortable. We get so used to wearing our jumper/costume/character in a particular fashion we forget that it is possible to wear it inside out or the other way around.

Over the past few days I’ve been working with 3 of the actress on trying to re-create their characters, and whilst being  a challenge it has also been a painful adventure.

More in my next post, in the meantime, make sure to check out our MEET THE CAST article hosted by Afridiziak.

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