Pusillanimous: The Video

The poem was written here first, now comes the video. May it inspire you and move you into action as we bring about Justice, Emancipation and an End to Oppression.


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2 thoughts on “Pusillanimous: The Video

  1. unseenflirt says:

    Powerful, powerful, powerful stuff… Volatile, engaging and important.

    I predict that many would find this ‘difficult’, but your subject matter is serious and should be treated as such. Major respect goes out to your for your ever-eloquent bravery. The debates you raise need to be had, for definite.

    Keep the creativity coming!

  2. Ruth Noutch says:

    I’ve got shivers. A moving thought and shocking indeed, but representative of the industry. Thankyou.

    P.S: Have you seen and signed the nomorepage3 petition? 86,000 and rising quickly. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/dominic-mohan-take-the-bare-boobs-out-of-the-sun-nomorepage3

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