#362 ~ The Textual Deception

So, for those who have followed this blog, you will acutely understand the palava I have had with phones. Whilst one dropped down the toilet and then was washed in a sink, the other decided to take a nap on a train and never made it back into my pocket. I then resorted to a Nokia 100, which is incredible, because it actually has long life battery power and cannot view MultiMedia messages which just makes life easier – people only contact she they want to say something and not Instagram something.

Sadly, there is a deception within the textual world of communication. You see, one may think or even convince themselves that they are having a conversation. You receive a text, you respond hey pronto, but it is not the same as a verbal vocal conversation, wherein you say something and one responds pronto. The textual deception has been exposed on Facebook. Now one can tell if you have seen the message. I am one of those people who likes to read a message, digest, and then mark as unread, so i can be reminded to respond at a later date. But no! Alas for me, that option is no longer available. Once I click it open I expose myself to the sender, who expects a rapid response. No longer can I chew the words, i must spit out a reply like a mother bird regurgitating for her child.

At least, with my Nokia 100 there is not chance of a What’s App app being used. I can read, savour, and make a mental note to reply later. It also means i can save my credit. Hurrah for non-smart phones, we know where the intelligence really lies.

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