#349 ~ 9am?

Sleep deprivation, especially when a result of academic study, creates those beautiful moments in life when you realise the banality of an average day. After clocking out at 5.30 am and flying awake  at 8.35, 25minutes before your deadline, just enough time to proof read, print, staple and run to the drop-off place, you then return, vaguely nauseas, to send your work to your partner. You must do it through a social media networking site. And at 9am, sleep deprived, nauseous, and vaguely befuddled, acutely aware how ‘cray cray’, you look with uncombed hair, smeared make-up, 24hour clothes, and the stains of the two Snickers bars and stardust sweets you devoured to keep your blood-sugar working – you see people, sane people, already awake, and more importantly, online (?), posting shit. It’s the morning, no-one has even had time to do anything, let alone utilize that bathroom and maybe grab some breakfast to go – and you are already assaulting my homage with your barrage of nonsensical and unimportant updates about the weather, which no-one needs to know, because if we all have access online, then we can see the news, not to mention look outside our windows? Why, did you think I wanted to oblige your ramblings? Go to bed or go to work?!

Your eyes begin the crazy twitch that sleep deprivation leaves you with…and you notice, when you are for once so thankful for time, because you made it just in time, you then realise how much time is spent being banal, and assaulting other people’s time – and more heinously at 9 am in the morning? On a weekday? 

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