348 ~ Playing the Field

Playing the field: it’s a term a lot of guys use. It means they’re scouting out their best options, having their cake and eating it until they find the cherry (take that metaphorically if you wish) which they’ll savour. It means not being tied down or forced to commit. It turns the female body in both its emotional, physical and mental sense, into a piece of ground that can be trampled upon by booted and spiked soles. It turns the act or proposition of a relationship, in whatever capacity, into a game with only one victor, already pre-determined, unlikely to ever fail. It shows a man is in ‘control’ of his environment and his own self-designed game; he’s going out to get some(thing).

Actually, playing the field exposes quite an explicit degree of insecurity. My assumption is that in the melee of people one meets, generally a handful stand out as ‘potentials.’ People you are attracted to or you have instant chemistry with. Playing the field exposes that one doesn’t have the confidence to go after the ‘one’, but would rather try the many and see if they get ‘lucky.’ Or, it’s a more sinister attempt at creating an environment of jealousy – which probably isn’t the best nutrients for an attraction or relationship.

It’s also a line I think one draws between boys and men. And they become men when they realise women aren’t a field, but a vast ocean filled with the ultimate source of life, containing a depth they cannot fathom, a breadth they can’t swim and a power they cannot imagine.

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