#340 ~ Experiencing 20

I’m turning 20

I’ve had a lot of experiences, but none of them experiences

You know the one’s I mean. With a capital E placed in italics, they mean something deep, something intimate

You’re expected to have experienced the Experience – but i never have, had,

I didn’t sniff the talcum, I know they called it glue, but lets be honest, it was far stronger than they really knew

I never swigged the whisky or the ‘lemonade’ spiked through and through with vodka disguised as Powerade

I never brushed lips or had a passionate kiss

and I’m starting to feel dried up and withered about all this.  It chews at my brain and spits the grey matter out regurgitating onto my face drawing everything out:

the pity, the tension, the confusion and the desire for a smooth intervention.

If i’m honest i have no regrets

Piaf was right i’m at peace with this experience that is under experienced

Yet…the insecurities still rear their heads and make me desperate with wonkey eyes to stare the plague in the face and contort my voice.

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2 thoughts on “#340 ~ Experiencing 20

  1. T says:

    expressive. reads my mind.

  2. Boye says:

    So long as you live your life on your own terms, and the things you have not done are because you have chosen not to, not out of fear but of the free will that dictates not just what you choose to do, but also what you choose not to do. It may be corny but true that the only thing you need fear is fear itself. Alors, comme Edith, tu ne regrette rien.

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