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#362 ~ The Textual Deception

So, for those who have followed this blog, you will acutely understand the palava I have had with phones. Whilst one dropped down the toilet and then was washed in a sink, the other decided to take a nap on a train and never made it back into my pocket. I then resorted to a Nokia 100, which is incredible, because it actually has long life battery power and cannot view MultiMedia messages which just makes life easier – people only contact she they want to say something and not Instagram something.

Sadly, there is a deception within the textual world of communication. You see, one may think or even convince themselves that they are having a conversation. You receive a text, you respond hey pronto, but it is not the same as a verbal vocal conversation, wherein you say something and one responds pronto. The textual deception has been exposed on Facebook. Now one can tell if you have seen the message. I am one of those people who likes to read a message, digest, and then mark as unread, so i can be reminded to respond at a later date. But no! Alas for me, that option is no longer available. Once I click it open I expose myself to the sender, who expects a rapid response. No longer can I chew the words, i must spit out a reply like a mother bird regurgitating for her child.

At least, with my Nokia 100 there is not chance of a What’s App app being used. I can read, savour, and make a mental note to reply later. It also means i can save my credit. Hurrah for non-smart phones, we know where the intelligence really lies.

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#361 ~ Life Lesson No.42

Stilton cheese is strong. People need to know these things.


#360 ~ Form

There are those days, when you look around at the friends you have and think – you are not my portion in life. In the sense that, people tell you your best friends are to be cultivated at University, and I’m sure some of them will be, but they often forget about the incredible people who walked with you out of primary and caught you at the gates of secondary. I think of those friends often, think about the huge portion of my life I gave them…and I feel nostalgic that I can’t see them…but i’m excited to see how we’ll keep feeding those relationships, and how one day, when I leave Uni and the same thought flashes across my head at work, i’ll smile and remember, you’re all part of my life portion, ’cause I bought the plate, with the knife and fork, I sat down at the table, i checked the menu and then we 

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#359 ~ End of an Era

I’m sitting here, crazily trying to cram down my last thoughts as i bring this blog to an end. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to post something every day, that would’ve kept the flavour ripe. But it’s fascinating, trying to conjure at least 10 things out of one day. Why do I want to end it today, the last day of January? Well, then it’s a complete year, January to January. January is my special month, also I need and want to move on. But the words are trickling away asking me to run into February…but tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own, for now i’ll just have to look after today.

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#358 ~ Father’s Child

My father often joked with me. He told me I messed up his grand numerological plan, the mathematical design he had constructed over time. Loving order, all my Father’s children have gone girl boy girl boy, up until me, where it went girl, boy, girl, girl. Yet, even though the chromosomes were slightly mixed up – I am my Father’s Child. I have his spirit, his stubborn nature. I have his laugh, we choke and cough whilst we wheeze out jokes. I have his disposition and quiet anger. I hope one day to have his wisdom and grace. His chin is mine and his smile flashes when I smile. There is so much of me that is in the mix as well, but though I am not a boy, I am so proud to be his child as well. 

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#357 ~ Fasting

An act of giving up. Choosing to abstain in order to focus on something else, prayer, or even work.

Not eating is the easy part. Sustaining the concentration and the motivation is far more difficult.

Then when you break, not gorging is even harder


#356 ~ Nocturnal Harvest

I had convinced myself that sunlight was a stimulant, so i slept with curtains open, allowing dawn to break against my face – but my eyelids never fluttered.

I had argued to myself that my aural cognition was highly acute, so the speakers remained orange, the playlist on loop, but my eyes failed to flutter.

I had promised that conversation stirred my cells, so I left the battery in and asked for you to call, yet my tongue lay heavy on the roof of my oral floor, and my eyelids barely fluttered.

So I consigned myself to sleep, knowing that if I only sow what I reap, I would forever have a harvest of dreams.

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