#326 ~ 7 Things About Christmas.5 – The Movie

The Christmas Movie used to be the entertainment section on Christmas Day. Unless you were watching the Greatest Story Ever Told, it was a chance for you to get ahead with the movie scene. The Blockbuster that you didn’t check out in the Cinema was finally being premiered, for free, in your living room. It was a chance when the family, at last as a unit, moved together from the now emptied dinner table to recline and recuperate on the sofa, snuggled into each other, the branches of the tree and the presents that hadn’t made it upstairs to the respective bedrooms. Often it was a Disney or Pixar film, some kind of animation, which had the parents laughing or peacefully sleeping and the kids engaged. As you got older, sometimes one exchanged the annual movie for a DVD present (last year we did Inception, so worth it), but unfortunately, it would seem to me, Christmas T.V. is now, officially, crap. We always manage to be eating when Queenie is speaking so perhaps we fail ourselves in that respect, yet the movie that was supposed to gently ease us into Christmas evening has lost all sense of self-respect. It no longer views itself as a prized contributor to the day, and has therefore faded into obscurity, with either inappropriate shows, as in things that belong waaay after the watershed, saying hello in a chipper voice, or just mundane banality prancing across our Technicolor screens. This year we didn’t even bother, but stepped back in time and returned to the family board game. Although Bezzerwizzer evaded us, Pictionary enabled us to create our own pictures and stories and laugh whilst doing it. So long Christmas Movie, Hello Board Games Galore.

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One thought on “#326 ~ 7 Things About Christmas.5 – The Movie

  1. […] believe we should confine that light to 24 hours. We use up so much electricity just watching that banal Christmas movie, i’m sure we could light many more bulbs instead. So do. Go, whether you’re a believer […]

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