#290 ~ Psalm Series.4

A fraud. That is the label that I exfoliate from my skin each morning

peeling blood and fat with epidermis that flowers and litters the shower block

before I sit creaming.

Dawn has hardly broken, but I feel your wind striking my chin as I cycle with broken chains to something

that really is a glorified lake, narrow, and slippery, like my promises of authenticity.

I can rise to ride, but to read your Word and listen to your distant voice

which booms in the cracks and shadows – I have not the strength.

Do you despise me? Grow angry or annoyed?

Or are you patiently waiting for me to hear you within the void

of my deep and gluttonous slumber?

Psalm 119 vs 148-9: ” My eyes are awake before the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promise. “

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2 thoughts on “#290 ~ Psalm Series.4

  1. gooly andrews says:

    i love it, the lack of punctuation where punctuation is necessary is so poignant. especially the strange usage of exfoliation from, the misuse of prepositions is clear in your own style and resonates poignantly just fab

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