#286 ~ An Apology to Reading

Dear Readers,

So I said I’d write something every day, then in the space of one month things seemed to go kaput. It appears I left my words with my heart and the shade of my former self in another continent.

A facetious response? Contrite? Probably.

I experienced a lot whilst working in South Africa, and actually didn’t give myself ample time to process and reevaluate before launching head and neck first into University. But a lot of incredible and challenging things have happened. So – in order to redeem myself and keep you, the lovely audience inspired and motivated by my writing, I will be doing a Stretch Post called: The Psalm Series. It will have a line for everyday I’ve missed and stretch into a modern-day Psalm of some kind, about a range of topical issues. So, what you have to do, is wait till it’s all done, hopefully by tonight, then read from the last post to the first (I’ll be positing in reverse order). It’ll be fun and exciting, and will also takes us to the present day.

I’ll also be dropping the last instalment of 100 words and a picture. so be excited, be inspired and thank you for your support these past 11 months – only one left :)


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