#273 ~ And So it Begins

It is deceptive. The mind that is. Perfectly created, iPhoto slide shows don’t even compare to its exquisite capabilities. What could I possibly be referring to, you wonder?

When you watch a Powerpoint presentation, or slide show, the computer programme has an ingenuous ability to subtly and seamlessly slot disparate memories, separated by time, space, emotion, geography and content, into one flawless design of seemingly consecutive events. The indigenous green trees of KZN, miraculously are sprouting deep inside the Indian Ocean, which is really a lake in an English town.

Sitting inside a new room, a new home, which is as unfamiliar and unknown as a country cottage in the depths of Mongolia, the sense that I have never left is itching to warp my perception. It is coupled with the feeling of home. That I am home. I am nestled safely, deeply in the folds of a mother’s bosom, a place that I have never left.

Yet I have changed. Perhaps world-weary, or rather more prepared. Where before one was awake at 3am crying because pinboards wouldn’t stick to whitewashed walls, now 4am rolls by and one sighs knowingly; yes, this is how you play the game.

And so it begins. The start of something new, which has really been a recycled experience, yet wrapped within the folds of reused newspaper is a chocolate surprise. Is it Cadbury’s, Galaxy, Lindt or Roche? That is the unknown element of the known experience.

Place your bets, be prepared…to be…

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