#264 ~ Ithemba Projects : Day 29

One of the, approximately 20 cards, I was presented with as I delivered my last assembly at Mountain Home Primary School yesterday.
It wasn’t saddening at the time, in fact, I hardly feel as though I’m on my last 48 hours here. I’m worried the realization will hit whilst I sit in Dubai’s excessive airport early in the morning and realise, I won’t have to work out what my assembly will be, or what i’ll teach them, how ill translate ‘There’s a fire on the Mountain, run, run,’ into fluent isiZulu ( kunomlilo entabeni, baleka, baleka).

The cynic within questions whether these students really will miss me, or if they’re just being polite as I disintegrate into a fragmented image. Yet, maybe they really will. Maybe what happened over those five weeks, having an english teacher from the UK, having a black female english teacher from the UK, has had an unprecedented impact on them. Maybe my presence really has expanded their eyes, at what they could potentially be. Maybe they saw themselves in me, saw a relationship a recognition? Maybe I really will be missed. Either way, the sentiment was both touching and encouraging; being here was a worthwhile adventure.

Prayer for Day 29: The the process of transition and leaving will be smooth, and Mountain Home Primary will build on the teaching that’s taken place over these 5 weeks.

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