#256 ~ Ithemba Projects : Day 21

Unfortunately, I realised yesterday, that WordPress won’t allow me to upload my own videos unless I pay for a Video upgrade. Considering I’m not particularly wealthy, the alternative will be loading the video onto the Ithemba Facebook Page in the coming days. Once it is up I shall share a link and would encourage you to click it and watch the poetry video of the Grade 10 and 11 students at Msimude. I will also upload some photos of the poems they wrote to be marked this week, so you still have some fun things to look forward to.

In the meantime, Tuesday was a return to the Drop In Centre Creche, where we looked at the colours of the rainbow, worked on puzzles, drawing and outdoor sports as the weather is beginning to transform from an English Winter to an African winter (i.e the sun is shining at last.) Exhaustion is beginning to catch up with me, and by the end of my morning I found myself attempting to tap out a drumbeat on the body of the guitar whilst zoning in and out of sleep. I’m not a great morning person and consecutively for the past month almost, my yellow alarm clock has cried in the area of 6am.

However, in the afternoon i visited another colleagues Life Group, and it is was filled with my crèche babies. I never realised I would be so happy to see them, and that’s when it dawned on me, that they had become, over this month, my  creche babies. As we passed their homes, some of them ran after the car to where we did the Life Group, crying out “Tisher, Tisher”, and huge grins plastered on their faces. They had a relationship with me, I had a relationship with them.

One one hand, it was a disquieting moment, realising how much I cared for them, even had begun to really love them, and how much they at least liked me. It was painful, because I know I have just under 10 days left working for Ithemba. I’m not sure what it will be like when I leave. Maybe i’ll fade into a distant daydream, a girl who played the guitar, wiped noses and couldn’t speak IsiZulu. But maybe they will really have begun to care about me, and then, you can’t just leave them, can you?

Prayer for Day 21: Renenwed strength and energy for these last days. Wisdom about how I move forwards from this and what my future impact and role in/with Ithemba Projects will be.

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