#246 ~ Ithemba Proejects: Day 13

Saturday consists of the Jabulani Kids Club for pre-schoolers up to primary students, and Khula Club for secondary students. Though the weather was more like an English Spring (which is not-so-secretly-the-same-as-an-English-winter), the weekend fun began with games of football, netball and old style playground skipping games, before leading into outdoor worship. Being able to play the basic chords on the guitar, I have quite happily been convinced to strum a few strings since i’ve been here. Yesterday I accompanied the leaders in isiZulu worship songs such as “Hallelujah ” and “Ageko o Fana no Jesu” (there’s no one like Jesus), before being asked to teach the children a Yoruba song. It took a while for me to switch languages but it was an interesting occasion. Watching Zulu students who are surprised when I don’t speak isiZulu struggling but persevering in learning a Yoruba song was encouraging if not amusing, at last, for me to see the beauty yet difficulty of languages. Having danced and sung and cheered loud and clear, the students were split up by ages and taken to smaller bible study groups. I stayed with the babies (because they are so cute), as they went over the story of Gideon in the Bible. By the time Khula Club ran round I was well and truly frozen but still up for getting involved with the teens and performing in sketches. The focus for the older students was Jeremiah 29 vs 11, and the promise God bestows on all his children: the promise that he has a good plan and prosperous future for us. Seeing the students being brave enough to admit their hopes and dreams, and then fearless enough to perform them was a heartening moment. It made me remember the dreams I had for University and how gratefully they are coming true, which has been such an encouragement.

Unfortunately, this is a slightly shorter and perhaps less interesting post. The cold that has infiltrated my immune system has turned into something needing antiobiotics. Hopefully the symptoms will pass and a renewed energy and strength will be upon me. However, be expecting a dynamic and historic post tomorrow which involves going to an isiZulu speaking church and meeting Nelson Mandela…

Prayer for Day 13: That more children come along to JKC and KC. The the staff continue to be equipped and inspired. Also that healing would occur in my immune system as I reach 1/2 way on this short-term trip.

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