#242 ~ Ithemba Projects: Day 9

So yesterday was an extremely raw experience. Not everyday is like that – although maybe it should be? For today’s post I would just like to keep it short and clarify some points, that on reflection have settled in my heart.

Yes, there are situations that can make us angry. Livid. Yesterday probably seemed, and definitely felt, like one of those experiences. Yet I don’t want people who read this blog, or some of these posts, to just be overwhelmed by my naked emotions. Anger doesn’t create anything. It neither nullifies a situation nor creates change. But it can be a catalyst for discerning, wise, and thoughtful actions.

Sadness and pity are also good catalysts, but weak emotions on their own. I also don’t want you, the readers (or myself in retrospect), to be overwhelmed by what might seem to be a dire situation. Because dire it is not. I have sought to stress the incredible good that resides alongside these painful experiences. The charities I have the privilege to support do phenomenal work and they are headed up by extremely wise, compassionate, thoughtful and motivated people. Change takes time. Change in our home communities takes a painful amount of time. And yes, in the interim of change a lot of pain and frustration can occur. But that is the nature of progress.

I suppose, what I would like to stress to all those who have passed through this blog is that, there is hope. Don’t just live off my righteous indignation and anger, and become despondent, faithless, wildly angry or depressed. Rather use my experiences as a catalyst to say – there must be more. There must be more than the education we are getting back home, there must be another way to conduct our National Health Service, there must be a better way to promote adoption, sexual health services, inter-racial participation, to end segregation, racial profiling, broken families, homelessness, loneliness, whatever it is that makes up the brokeness in your home community. Search out that new way.

My experience here has been all the more painful, because it is so hopeful. Because I can see the progress, the process of change taking place, and in my impatient nature I want it now. But it is coming, and that is what is beautiful. I have the hope that, in 3 years I saw creches like the Drop in Centre transform into excellent educational  play facilities, well staffed, well-managed with flourishing children. I can therefore hold the hope that, maybe in another three years, the situation that I faced yesterday may very well have drastically transformed.

So please, don’t be angry or sad, but be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to let your heart be raw, so it can catapult you into a better scenario, a better tomorrow.

And, if you have been inspired by these posts to write yourself, then a word of advice: Express all your passion as best as you can, but be wise in how you do it. The people we write about, the lives we intermingle with for a short period of time are real people. They deserve to be protected, honoured and assured the privacy entitled to them. I apologise for not recognising that in time. 

Prayer for Day 9: That a spirit of Hope would bless everyone who has come into contact with this blog. That Hope would give them an enduring strength to seek change. Hope would sustain them in the long process to change. Wisdom would govern their ways and discernment would guide their paths.

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2 thoughts on “#242 ~ Ithemba Projects: Day 9

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