#238 ~Ithemba Projects: Day 5

The grade 11’s started off being too cool for school, but my enthusiastic charm won them over :) I am so excited to see how they improve over the next four weeks as they grow more confident in themselves and in speaking and writing English. This is a class of extremely gifted and talented children with a lot of potential. Enjoy a selection of their letters.




Prayer for Day 4-5: That the hopes and dreams of all these children would come to pass. That their education wouldn’t be disrupted by poor teaching, or a lack of funding. That their families would be kept safe so they wouldn’t have to drop out of school to work.That they would never loose sight of their goals or doubt their potential. That every door would be opened to them, so they would become an incredible future for South Africa and this world.

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One thought on “#238 ~Ithemba Projects: Day 5

  1. […] as well as looking at ‘useful’ parts of the English language. Last week they practiced writing formal letters and the art of public speaking. This week they (were supposed to) perform their speeches, working in […]

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