#233 ~ Bubble Baths and Popcorn Prayers

Stepping into a new home, filled with Bubble Baths and unpainted toes

Lavender and Jasmine bouquets, home made chicken soup as we lay

Our heavy heads and runny noses onto pillows

and slept dreamless sleeps caught within a dozen mirrors.

As mist settles its head low over mountains

And orange sand, dry from drought, swirls, soundless

Through the house and over the fields

Bubble baths are being made for unpainted toes.

The exuberance of innocent children

Welcoming in a stranger to come and dine with them

to join their family as they seek to serve in their community

Closing the night with bible stories

Sniffing noses and popcorn prayers

Ushering in an embrace which speaks of layers of

Warmth, and love and hope

From the mouth of innocent babes

The Lord spoke

And we spent our last night, in a sleepy town

Before lessons, and planning and running clubs took off all around

Having a long forgotten bubble bath

And sharing in popcorn prayers.

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