#218 ~ Deceived

Deception doesn’t have to be a severe lie or misrepresentation of the truth. It can come by way of an accident quite easily. The difference between a contraction and a full word. That happened tonight upon the purchase of the film ‘Puss ‘N’ Boots.’ Titled under the same dark green lettering as Shrek, it held the promise of Antonia Banderas, adorable kitten eyes, swashbuckling action and side-splitting humour. We were deceived. A strange concoction of dark French cinema, poor (and I mean very poor, crude and mis-dubbed) CGI, with gravely voiced Jack Sparrow cats with straggly beards, blending of Westside Story songs, ballerinas and octopus ogres afflicted our screen. Oh the disappointment. Uncomfortably attractive it was a beautiful demonstration of either terrible scriptwriting or translation, ‘interesting’ editing and a jarring musical ‘score.’ An experience in deceptive disappointment, one must now remember to always check whether it says: Puss ‘N’ Boots or Puss in Boots.

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