#212 ~ Verra Cruz

Ragged. Raw. Your teeth are almost on edge as you listen to the pain that dogs this three-piece rock band’s album, Emancipation Day. Though vocal muscles seem to be screaming blood, there is a haunting depth which colours Verra Cruz‘s music, shading it in variations of darkness which are highlighted by the gentle tinge of colour, often in the form of a slight guitar lick, or Marc James’ expertly utilised slide. Cruz’s enigmatic pull lies deep within their lyrics, which combine the obscurity of modern poetry, with the heart of a protesting romantic.

Streaming through darkened trees
Ignite all of my broken dreams

Founded in 1995 in a bar in St. Alban’s, England, the band have produced two albums (Emancipation Day and Innocence ) as well as the EP Soul Collides. The band almost touch on becoming modern-day rock Psalmist, most eloquently expressed in the song Rock and a Hard Place,  which combines the cry of frustrated soldier with that of a desperate believer. Though Verra Cruz are firmly positioned in the rock genre, the screaming guitar solos, heavy drums and that uniquely powerful fusion of cool blues and hard rock growling, there exists, within the folds of their lyrics a gentle beauty and powerful potency. A band that lie on the fringes of modern music, they are definitely musicians worth listening to, and if lyrics inspire you, then plunge in deep.

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