#199 ~ Social Eater

My best friend’s mum once told me she was a social smoker. I found that funny. It meant she only smoked in social situations. Why smoke at all? I queried inside my under developed 7-year old brain. I was not to understand the subtleties of social socialising societies.

As I grew I realised my mother was a social drinker. Father didn’t drink, and Mother couldn’t bare to open a bottle of the old ’97 because she couldn’t finish it on her own. So she only drank socially. When a glass was offered. She was also the designated driver, so the opportunities to knock back some liquor were rare. She was a social drinker, only drinking drink in those very mature socially socialising societies.

I found out today that I am social eater. I eat normally in normal normalising…situations (alliteration just couldn’t keep up). But I also eat in social situations. As in after having pre-eaten, then eaten a normal meal, if there happens to be food going, because it’s a ‘social situation’, even if i’m not hungry, even if i’m close to nausea, I’ll eat it – to be social.

It was a a sobering moment when I stumbled across this revelation. A social eater…whatever next.

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