#158 ~ Awkward Incidence

So, you feel convicted to do something, not particularly out of the ordinary for you, but still unusual. You want to send a message to someone you don’t really know that well, but kinda-sorta feel like maybe some words you’ve had floating around your head in connection with their name/face/something that signifies their person, could potentially be pertinent or resonate in their lives.

So you sit down, write out the message, keep it short, to the point and vaguely clinical. Then you set off. Of all days, you walk past said person, on your way to post them their ‘possibly helpful, most likely random-esque’ words of wisdom.


Awkward head nod. You pass by, then you stop. Do you hand them said card now? No…looks strange, keep going.

You make it, post what needs to be posted and feel relief. Yes, you were committed and followed through with ‘The Plan’. Free to disengage you munch that traditional Cornish pasty like a bad-man, and in your Birkenstocks shoes trudge through the rain: relief.

Lo and behold you meet said person again. Conspiracy? I think so!


This time awkward head shake won’t suffice. You converse in a ‘normative’ fashion, not at all awkward, and after a decent and genuinely interested conversation, part ways.

You stop – do you warn them what to expect and hope they don’t now think you’ve planned some strange escapade, seeing the coincidentally random meetings as a contrived set up.

Yes. No. Maybe?

You go home, the pasty has gone and the aftertaste has soothed you.

What happens when you meet again? Awkward Incidence no.3?

What happens if your wise words weren’t wise at all?

Awkward incidence no.4?

What happens if you then write about it on your blog?

Awkward Incidence no.5?

And if they read it?

Too many awkward Incidences in this students life.

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