#157 ~ Wee Hours on the Bridge

Initially they had desired Pimms.

But without the lemon juice or fruity extras

It tippled neatly into the strawberry covered glasses

To be sloshed back into its previous bottle-necked carcass.

Then they brought out the Malibu and coke

Mixing in excited hand spans

How much they anticipated would make

a drinking game seem like a good plan.

Unfortunately they were from the Bridge

used to all nighters of a studious ambience

Not the free-wheeling madness of ‘normal pre-graduates.’

So politics, rhetoric, the ‘young black man as a member of the dispossessed  clan’

all invaded the ‘let’s-go-crazy’ party atmosphere

Till the wee hours of the morning knocked loud and clear

On the illuminated window pane

Whose dazzled eyes were blinkered in their single glazed frames

From the sunlight that chased the night away.

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One thought on “#157 ~ Wee Hours on the Bridge

  1. Boye says:

    This has a nice rhythm to it. Flows well. Like.

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