#141~ Library Buddies

The library is a unique place. At night, as desk lamps flicker into life, it morphs into a convulsing beast, consuming the lives of the student bacterium that crowd its desk-lined intestines, picking books out of the pumping capillaries, taut with the pulsating flow of textual blood.

Yet, impregnated like ovum onto the lining of the womb, these student bacterium grow – at first forming colonies by force, the lack of space a catalyst for the sharing of pro-biotic desks. In time, a bonding that goes deeper than simple genetic traits begins to fuse the colony together. Relationships are formed, sometimes even developing into full-blown inter-bacteria reactions which produce spawns of themselves.

The rapid development of library buddies during exam periods, is a key sign of the vivacious, organic, heart that throbs deep in the bowels of the library beast, a moist, humid climate perfect for fertilisation and the fecundation of relationships that are aborted once exam season is over.

*the biology inferred is strictly under the Act of Poetic Licensing circa time immemorial.

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2 thoughts on “#141~ Library Buddies

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