#135 ~ Allurement

In trying not to be addicted to things, your tolerance for temptation seems to increase. You fast weekly to overcome the temptations of the flesh, yet the moment you can ‘break fast,’ it’s like the entire, starving body of mankind is inhabiting your stomach: you gorge, and gorge, and gorge. You give up social media websites for a day say, just to prove that it has no hold over your life. Yet, the rising numbers of notifications are like a drug, as they increase you cannot but help clicking, responding and smugly smiling at the ‘importance’ you feel bestowed upon your person.

You have some spare change sitting quietly in your pocket. But then a vending machine arises as though out of the ashes of Mount Doom, and it calls to you. In fact it is the E3 button, with the white letters saying 65p, that smile and dance as though they’re part of a pageant show. You scuttle across the linoleum floor ashamed, once, twice, three times allured to the instantaneous taste of chocolate and melting peanuts which stick in your teeth, coat your mouth, and dissolve into a liquid moment within a few chomps of your desirous maw.

Allured to the desires of this world, how does one overcome them?

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