#130 ~ Daydream into Oblivion

The realisation that I could daydream my life away

struck me today as I sat trying to read in the library.

Words didn’t even blur, the temperature hardly increased

But my mind went for a walk to find some relief.

Conjuring scenarios of romance and success

Winning fights, succeeding even when under duress

The potent potential of an encroaching future

Subsumed my mind, over took my thoughts

Till I realised, If i didn’t finish the report –

This paraphrasing of critical literature

In order to produce an essay, hopefully more than mediocre –

That victorious win that drew me in

would vanish into a daydreamed oblivion.

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One thought on “#130 ~ Daydream into Oblivion

  1. Katy says:

    Sometimes daydreaming is a necessary diversion – gives you space and allows you find yourself again. Aka a ‘displacment activity’ – when you do everything else except what needs doing because you can’t face what you need to do! Perfectly normal – I do it all the time!!

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