#128 ~ Steal My Lights

They were bolted on with screws to the back of my bike.With three different settings, they were a highly affective form of visibility. You had the steady ruby glow of setting one. This turned into a gentle ‘come hither’ wink of setting two, which transformed itself into the frantic ‘danger danger’ spasmodic flickering of setting three. The sparkling sign gave me a presence as i whipped through the shrouds of night-time.

Yet today, that life-saving gift from my father was mercilessly stolen, nuts, bolts and LED lights. By who, I don’t know. I thought for a second about growing mad, angry, vengeful. But then I paused and said to myself – they probably needed it more than I did.

Whether that’s true or not, though I felt violated and disrespected, the peace to say that and move on prevented anger from curdling my heart.

You can steal my lights, but you can’t steal my light.

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