#108 ~ One Hundred Words and a Photo : 8

If you only stopped, stooped down low and took a look. Took a real good look.You’d see their broken bodies, like snapped twigs – except they had a bend. They had become malleable to better mould themselves to the overbearing winds that shoved them apart creating miniature wind tunnels that whipped through their obscure communities. Too often they were trampled over, without any regard. But remember, we’re looking closer. Noticing the vibrancy of their colour. A rich green. Green of life. They were still alive, bursting with chlorophyll bloodstreams. If you just looked down, looked down real good, you would see.


Victoria O, Copyrighted

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One thought on “#108 ~ One Hundred Words and a Photo : 8

  1. T says:

    beautifully written and extremely compelling

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