#102 ~ One Hundred Words and a Photo : 2

The fresh, moist scent, sprinkled with the aromatic hints of trampled earth and the rumbling snore of the city, laced grassy fingers under her nostrils, wetting the back of her throat. Reclining there, the damp deftly spreading over her lower thighs, the communal grass a rugged carpet that tickled the soles of naked feet, lazy eyes trekked into the background of her blurred vision. Undefined, a distraction that tugged a minute smile soared.

In-between the burning embers of an encroaching twilight gaped a blazing hollow. It twinkled briefly in the transitory glance. Her toes curled slowly. The ball arched.


Victoria O, Copyrighted

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One thought on “#102 ~ One Hundred Words and a Photo : 2

  1. Even though you are just two posts in I love this series. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet, you manage to capture so much with just 10% of the resources.

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