#86 ~ Shine out the Brighter

I used to think I was the sun

Golden brown and strong

A fiery tower of talent, passion and power

Blazing through the night, redefining the day

And you? You were the moon

Pale and silent, waiting, timidly

to encroach on my space.

With patience you reflected my glory back out into the opaque curtains

that wrapped the stars

Until I returned.

Yet now, as I rest on the other side

Of this turbulent hemisphere

I see that our places are interchangeable

In fact, they were never determinant.

We were two suns, blazing brightly

Except now, I can see you clearer

I can watch you shine out the brighter

And realise – you are stronger, more passionate, more powerful

In your own, sunburnt, star fire way

That is just you.

Slow, steady and constant.

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2 thoughts on “#86 ~ Shine out the Brighter

  1. Buki says:

    Love it!

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