#84 ~ The Lives of Others

The silence between the words.

The hunger for power and worth.

The attempt to enforce a regiment,

Those in the balance succumbing to the tenements of this idealistic republican state

Yet music is the silence between the notes

Drama is the expression of a censored thought

Art is the attempt to capture a moment

Which hangs like a fragile shard of elusive glass

Refracting the memories

That dwell within the illuminated reflections

of shadowed doors,

opaque mirrors

The silent demands of a life that yearns for more.

And like a thief in the night

We steal that cry, enveloping ourselves into

The complicated, pulsating, vibrating, lives

Of silently screaming others, who one day –

trapped in the confines of a univocal voice –

will die

their lives uninterrupted

by the mingling bodies

of other others.

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