#81 Faint into Oblivion

Overwhelmed by heat, the damp moisture embedded in the very atmosphere that you breathe until you can’t even see. It’s a disembodied feeling, you are aware of your body, your very corporeality. You feel your pores expand, your mouth hanging limp, all respiratory agency fleeing as the walls close in. Touch mutates into sound mutates into smell but remember there is no sight. Yet you can see the darkness. It permeates, evolves, speaks to you, caresses and squeezes until you can’t breathe. Did I mention that before? But you both hear, see, smell and feel the smack as your head connects with the ceramic.

And then you wake up.

Consciously dazed in an acute alertness in which you are very much awake.

Vulnerable yet enclosed, unable to open the door that shut you out, in, within that permeating darkness.

And then you breathe – again.

Waiting, as you return from your fading dance with a moment of keen oblivion.

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