#78 ~ Laugh it Out

You know when you see all your quirks, your weird thoughts and secret actions characterised, caricatured and emblazoned on the front of an LCD screen – all you can do is laugh out loud. It starts off as a bark of laughter, then judders like a train low on brake fuel. Sometimes it squeals out long and high, with hiccups of snatched breath in between, other times it turns into a coughing fit which, in very severe circumstances, can ignite your reflux action.

When the laugh is particularly loud, because the sketch has accurately expressed you in the minutest detail possible, from your teeth-brushing antics, to stupid hissy-fits, it booms around the room that only you occupy; you then become self-conscious, try to lower it, before it jumps back out again, occasionally causing a very unattractive snort to proceed.

Yet either way laughing, especially laughing at yourself, is such a fun thing to do. It makes you remember that all those strange and quirky things,even the fact that when you laugh too hard it sometimes induces an asthma attack- are really things you love about yourself.

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