#75 ~ Liberation of Being

Tonight was the first time I have sung in public since August. As I had said previously, earlier this year I felt challenged to be silent and not let my Voice become my identity. And I have been patiently waiting I suppose. But not wanting to completely ostracize myself and in the process go rusty, I reluctantly/questioningly joined a local choir.

In the songs I found a part of myself tonight that I’d missed. She’d changed a little bit, perhaps grown a bit more mature, had a different perspective. She was certainly less self-focused when she sang. It was simply an act of worship, of enjoyment, of liberation and freedom. No constraints on singing ‘well’, on making people admire you – just doing what you enjoy.

Needless to say a huge smile characterised her face, and as she sits here writing, a jubilant peace is filling her heart.

I think I’m slowly learning how to re-use my Voice – and it is an exciting discovery as it’s formulating a new part of my identity.

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