#71 ~ Dreaming in New Frontiers

What causes tomorrow to come today? What galvanises and inspires a race that has achieved and conquered nature, bent the world to its will, to continue pressing forward? What gives us the audacity to even dare to dream in something more?

An experience. An encounter. A revelation of something greater than ourselves.

This was a question posed to me by a young engineer. That ‘more’ for him, was the opportunity to step outside our atmosphere and dare to proclaim our presence in Space. In the unknown territory that poets and astrologers have dreamed about, written about, and scientists and engineers have studied for, invested in. The chance to claim a new frontier, to envision the currently limitless potential of the unforeseen, the distant dream.

When we first entered space, that moment, reduced a barrier of fear and injected a dose of sight, foresight. It created, according to these new space pioneers, the ‘space’ to dream about tomorrow, to believe in a tomorrow, when today seems so bleak. When oil crises’, war, poverty, famine, and disillusionment smear the stars of our sky, pushing into the unknown simply opens up a new galaxy, a new constellation, a new sky to gaze upon.

To conjure what could be, through daring to act out what might be. Dreaming in new frontiers in order to redefine the old, in the process recreating mankind and his universal role.

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