#68 ~ Consumed

I thought in the space of a few hours, i would manage to condense my views on KONY2012  and regurgitate them into a thoughtful, analytical and maybe even insightful post – i was sorely mistaken. It seems the more this issue is being blown up as ‘the’ issue, the more it is illuminating a range of issues that aren’t explicitly noted in its now (in)famous video, but might I stress vitally important concern and cause ( though the external presentation is causing controversy we have to remember it is the internal content that, at the end of the day, is what is so vitally important and which we must strive to be aware of and make others aware of). I don’t want to try in the next 25mins to start expanding on the range of notes I have scribbled down, so, until tomorrow when I will get these ideas and shoot them into my own invisible void of cyber interrelations, I would like to leave my invisible audience and readership with a question:

How closely is international justice and human rights work related to political notions of profit?

This doesn’t mean I’ll be focusing on expenditure issues or anything like that. I’m sad to say for those people who do not have experience in the charity industry, it’s called charity work – work doesn’t mean for free elsewhere so it shouldn’t when it is coupled with charity. What I do want to get your intellectually ignited minds questioning before my summation post on this topic, is simply the internal value system we have which correlates ‘doing the right thing’, with ‘doing the most profitable’ thing.

Until tomorrow.

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