#65 ~ Just in Time

I used to be the child that believed there was a scale of lateness. You could be early late, mid late and then late late. An example: School starts at 8.30. If you are a member of my family you will probably not make 8.30. But 8.40 is early late, 8.45 is mid late, 9am is late. Whilst I would power walk to school, my nylon trousers hitched up at the thigh so my white socks further emphasised the hemlines that swung around my ankles, cello, guitar or just P.E. kit piled high on my back, head jutting forwards and perspiration soaking my heavy cotton shirt, my sister would check her watch, and then causally slow down the pace drawling ‘You’re already late, as long as you make it before your first lesson there’s no point rushing.’

This way of thinking didn’t really work with me. It still doesn’t to a certain degree, but I have learnt to take a little leaf out of her book. Whereas before I would be panicking a week in advance before a deadline, I now breathe, lower my shoulders and tell myself , it will get done. This attitude has in one sense made me a 24hour deadline girl, and I’m sure my late night essay writing antics provide great amusement for the people who live in the building opposite, but it has also afforded me a certain level of peace. Week on week i don’t know how it happens, but I manage to get everything done just in time.

This last-minute attitude could cause stress and may be why I keep finding white hairs in and amongst my thick halo of brown – although I often delude myself into thinking Storm is my mother and this is a manifestation of my X-gene and not a stress induced loss of hair colour – however there is a strange sense of fulfilment that comes with it. Two hours after the deadline passes you find yourself slightly bewildered, lost and trying to work out how you managed to bring it all together. You then take a sneak peek at the next deadline, on a good day you might begin working towards it, on an average day you surf YouTube for uploads of the Lion King. It’s like a natural regression to childhood and the stress free life. You indulge yourself, knowing that, at the end of the day, it will all get done, just in time.

An amazing upload of Lion King II if you really need to de-stress. 

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