#45 – Honouring Amour

How do I choose to be honouring?

As a friend, as a woman, as a human?

How do I know what (not) to say?

How do I know how far to go?

You expect me to talk about love

But that concept is lost

In this honour-less world.

You expect me to talk about lust?

I’ve yet to experience that spray painted pearl.

This day of love, passed like a day of

Just simply time, life, me, my view, my life

I’m not saddened, I’m not waiting for that process to change

You expect me to speak of desire or hope

I choose to widen the scope

To the question of – what does it mean to be honouring?

Am I an honourable, woman, human, friend?

Can I honour the prospective potential of the multiplicity of love

When it comes in various forms to knock at my door?

Is there such thing as honouring amour?

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