#31 – Power Cut

In most ‘3rd world, less economically developed, less developed and a-whole-host-of-other-politically correct-terms- countries’ power cuts are a regular. Take Nigeria for example, that beautiful country. We have something we like to call NEPA. It stands for the National Electric Power Authority. Most Nigerians like to refer to it with different wording [insert a range of euphemisms] . Sadly last night, a transformer blew in my accommodation and took out the internet as well. I guess even the West isn’t except from faulty electricity, though I doubt it was a result of corruption and line tapping.

I was going to do a post called “You Should Be Stronger Than Me,” and looking at mental strength considering I had to spend 30 minutes on a rowing machine, and my was i impressed that I could both power walk afterwards and my lungs hadn’t given out. However, currently I am listening to Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged Album, and it is blowing my mind. So this evening, when I welcome the first of February, hopefully a decent and empathic post should follow. Apologies for messing up the counting system, but look – we’re in Month2!


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