#22 ~ Starting from Scratch

I like to think of myself as a pretty good budget shopper. The truth is I am really a shopper who only spends what’s in her pocket. It’s great when you have a little bit of money, temptation is your downfall when you have a bit more. Luckily today my bank balance could only spew out 2 notes – and they weren’t 50’s. Today was the day I got my new phone. Yay. New phone, rebirth, no more hazards, no more alienation from a technologically connected universe. I felt inspired, motivated, ready to integrate myself back into Life.

My phone cost £8.99

Bargain I hear you scream

Plus £10 top-up

Still pretty decent.

Now, really bargain shoppers try things out. They test, they examine, they query, and when they’re sure they are getting more out of this deal than the seller, they buy. Fake bargain shoppers like myself, well, we see, we see the price. We see our wallets. We look again at the price. We look again at our wallets. We tell ourselves – what does it matter? As long as it does the job. And then we buy.

The issue is, our eyes have a form of glaucoma. They fail to penetrate and see into the near future. You end up buying a phone that is on its way to being obsolete.

But hey, you say, it does the job.


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