#21 ~ Cyclical Regurgitation

Walking into a lit bathroom, there are no surprises in-store when your eyes happen to flick over to the mirror and you glance at your reflection. Depending on the time of day, it may appear a little more or less aesthetic, but to all accounts it’s still you. Your eyes, your nose, your hair. You recognize yourself, and in recognising yourself, accept who you are. It’s the same process that occurs at passport control. We state – I am this person – and the official verifies by looking at the image stamped inside. But have you ever gone to the bathroom at night, when you’re too tired to flick the switch? Or early morning? Something happens as your eyes slide over to where the mirror is. In and amongst the shapes and shadows, within the curvature of the glass, an image appears. It is neither concrete nor fully formed, but an ever morphing, alternating, composition of blackness. Suddenly your mental passport-photo gradually descends into a Picasso art piece. You fail to recognize, identify and therefore accept what appears to be an illusion of your mind’s eye staring back at you. You hit the switch, and breathe.

Today, as I was surfing YouTube, I came across a video depicting seven teenagers violently beating up a lone student. It had occurred in Chicago, and within an hour of posting, the video had gone viral. All seven of the perpetrators have been prosecuted, and the eldest is being tried as an adult. Normally I wouldn’t spend much time on the issue; gratuitous violence is perverse and only works as a depressant. But the tumult of video responses, especially from young people, shocked me. There was a You Tube-wide outcry at the insensitivity and the baseness of the attack. It was, undoubtedly, a grossly, aggressively and to all accounts unwarranted ‘beat-down’. What made it more perverse was not only the physical and verbal abuse, but the fact that it was posted on the global cinema. I spent a good hour trawling through the comments, response videos and news articles. And it got me thinking.

‘[The] American justice system was whack, and seeing as so many were minors they’d be out in a few months instead of rotting in the hell they deserve to be in’

By no means am I about to defend the attack. It was out-of-order, simple as. Yet, there was this inane and almost unspoken agreement by all those who responded, that the aggressors should get back twice as much. Comments followed the lines of – “I hope that pu**y gets f****d up in prison and raped in the showers. F*****g n***a (none of the attackers were black i might add, as i’ve always maintained, the N word is simply derogatory, there is no reclaiming it for “black power”), dumb sh**, whose gonna be so tough when you meet Bubba” – etc etc. Video responses where almost as verbally vehement as the insensitive and incomprehensible attack.

People were crying out for a vigilante justice because the ‘American justice system was whack, and seeing as so many were minors they’d be out in a few months instead of rotting in the hell they deserve to be in.’ Ironic?

  • Seven teenagers acted in a bestial manner and will be punished by a supposedly democratic justice system.
  • The public (in the meantime), hope they get hunted down and beaten the crap out of, are gang raped in prison, and finally die, rot and go to hell.

The attack was shocking because it was 7:1. People’s outcry was at the injustice of the unmatched fight, which exacerbated its baseness. Yet now, the global internet community want to replicate this same atrocity on a grander scale. They are hoping for the same degree of incomprehensible violence to befall these idiotic teenagers.

Remember that mirror analogy I started with. This is where it comes in.

Look inside our prisons, and you will wish that the hellfire and brimstone you called down would evaporate into scented perfume.

What infuriates the world is that this video was shown to the world. It’s not like we don’t know this type of violence happens on the regular. Go out in any major city on a friday night and you will see this type of violence ten-fold. Go into any house were domestic abuse takes place and you will see an even uglier side. Look inside our prisons, and you will wish that the hellfire and brimstone you called down would evaporate into scented perfume.

I have no wish to defend these thugs. I’m only curious about what we see as ‘Justice’. We sentence them to months in jail, it isn’t enough. You put them on death row, its immoral. What i think the responses were shocked at, was that this video was the mirror with no lights on, because in their comments, they responded exactly like the attackers. They too descended into a bestial frenzy brought on by the desire to exercise their strengths. Whilst they sit behind cameras and computer screens, ranting and desiring to go F-up those kids, none of them are volunteering to be police officers, or do a neighborhood watch in order to prevent ‘shit’ like that happening in their back yard.

It will be sad when Bubba does get his ‘longdick’ up them and regularly rapes them in prison. When their family homes have been burnt down and their parents are rotting in a socially induced hell. When they’ve been well and truly mashed up, fucked up, and left out to dry, these same YouTube responders will then start calling down hellfire and brimstone on the prisoners who did it, and the prison system that allowed it to happen.

Look in the mirror at night. Don’t be afraid. The only person staring back is you, the darkness in you, your own bestiality. The vomit we see is the vomit we are producing.


[You may watch the video at your own disgression but it will bring no satisfaction, only hold a mirror up to the broken society we live in, and perhaps to yourself.

Please do not watch if you are under the age of 18.]

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One thought on “#21 ~ Cyclical Regurgitation

  1. Boye says:

    Thank you for holding not just a mirror but a light to see better with.

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