#19 ~ Intermittent

This is not about rhetoric, this is about accountability.

This is not about colonial oppression. This is about post-colonial suppression.

This is not about rights, this is about duty.

This is not about a nation, it is about a people

This is not about the law, it is about Justice

This is not about democracy, it is about government.

This is not about a subsidy, it is about relativity

Though this may be about corruption, it is not an interruption

To the way in which you live your lives.

It is not an interpretation

To the way in which you tell your lies.

It is the simple fact,

That whether you are a bastard son born to foreign shores

Or a home-born pickin’, even from a whore

You cannot be a rapist or murderer

then turn around and tell me

your victim was your beloved Mother.

(This poem was inspired/influenced by some research on the Occupy Nigeria protests that are sweeping across the country due to the removal of the fuel subsidies on January 1st. There will be a follow-up post to defend/explain some of my feelings on this issue. For now I hope you enjoyed this creative piece of work.)

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One thought on “#19 ~ Intermittent

  1. U Onyechi says:

    Great thinker. Keep thinking and spreading your thoughts.

    We are now old brigade.

    Your generation has all the tools for the change.

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