#18 ~ Ring Ring

The human mind continuously wishes to deceive itself. We try not to hold ourselves accountable to  anything unfavorable, and when the undesired does occur, we respond in shock. How could that be? What a surprise? You know of what I speak. It is a generic and universal issue that touches the very core of almost every human, more so the older we get. Alarm clocks. We set them the night before with good intentions. After wasting an evening in front of banal television, listening to music, on some social network site, or, but rarely, working, we alleviate our sorrows and lack of self-discipline by vowing to wake up early. So, with childish optimism and unbreakable faith we set the alarm. The cynical part of our minds urges us to twist the clock arms 15 minutes earlier than intended. It is a good plan. If we are that sleep deprived, then we’ll get up on time. If our energetic positivity is on full throttle and we wake up singing, then we have added a quarter of an hour extra to our day. So, pleased with ourselves and new-day resolution we curl into bed awaiting the ring.

A half second later some creature from Hades is screeching at you, pretending to be a Nokia phone alarm. We squint our eyes up in shock and horror. What is this surprise? Has A.I developed this much that our alarms are taking on a life of their own? Did someone sneak into our room at night to play a practical joke? What kind of dastardly madness is this? What cunning plot at sleep deprivation? We roll ourselves painfully to face the clock face, our eyes widening at the ludicrous time. What mad man was this that set the alarm for 6.15? Is it the apocalypse? Our sleep deprived mind cannot recognise the enthusiastic nocturnal person from a few hours early who, night on night, believes that by setting an alarm they will actually get out of bed. We turn off the alarm, roll over and wake up whenever we choose – or if we don’t have that luxury, finally roll out of bed, late, annoyed and rebuking all things beginning with ‘a’ and ending in ‘larm’.

I wonder if I will ever reach that day when i can actually judge the perfect alarm clock setting. Or go to bed on time.

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