#16 – Welfare State

two intermittent days

define whether i am part of the state.

to all appearances I am well

but then they don’t really see me.

i am made up of a number

48 hours ago

they were responsible

since conception to that day

i was their prey, sorry,

their patient?

i wasn’t their child

but they were obliged to care.

but those 2 days have passed

i am, in their eyes, independent

i can’t work

i don’t own my own property

but, obviously, i’m independent

obviously i can now contribute to their wellbeing

i can support myself. with borrowed money.

48 hours ago i was their patient

today i am still on their ward

but because 48 hours have passed

i’ve been bumped up to being a private patient

the one that pays with borrowed money

that’s how you become well, and part of the state.

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