#15 ~ Return to John’s

The tail lights glowed red like a bloodied ruby. They glared at her, slowly moving away, silent stares in a starless night. The wind lapped the sides of her coat softly coaxing the long body towards the cement-block building. The corner loomed and soon those cherry eyes had disappeared into an all-encompassing blackness from the pitch of the tarmac to the opaque heavens.

So long.

In a strange way it felt like coming home. It had morphed from an imposing alien infrastructure to the potential embodiment of safety? Either way she was back, and this time she was going to make a concerted effort to enjoy it. To live it. Maybe even to love it.

As rubber soled shoes slapped the cool stone, a myriad of voices ricocheted off smooth rock creating a resounding echo, a hollow whisper that slipped between her, underneath and into her.

Welcome back.


Let me hear your Voice

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